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Welcome to Reception Classes!

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Photos of Red Classroom


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Outside Area


Reception Staff

Mrs Hunt






My name is Mrs Hunt. I am the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 Lead Teacher for South Borough. Over the years, I have taught in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. I am currently teaching in Reception Green class. I have a fantastic team around me who work very hard and are always there to support my class and I. I love learning through play with our children, both indoors and outdoors - especially messy play areas, woodwork and role play.

I am also the phonics lead for our school, it never ceases to amaze me how children learn phonemes and graphemes and then blend and segment to read and write. I am honoured to be leading this important, yet wonderful subject!

I believe a strong partnership with parents and carers is key to a successful start to school life for our youngest pupils. I am a parent myself and I enjoy spending time with my husband, 3 children, other family members and all my friends. I love eating out, having BBQs in the summer, playing indoor badminton and outdoor tennis when the weather is fine. When I have time, I enjoy reading about facts and real life events such as history books and autobiographies and watching films. I have a cat called Tabitha and many hedgehogs and foxes who visit my garden. I love to travel, visiting new places and meeting new people. One day, I would like to teach abroad. But for now, I am very happy and proud to be teaching at South Borough Primary School.

Mr Blanco


Hi, I am Mr Blanco and I teach Reception Red class. I truly believe in the power of learning through play so we have lots of fun in Red class. I also enjoy make believe and pretend play, so your children will probably go home telling you about all the adventures that they have had during the day. I like "messaging and secret symbols" so you might find your children going home with hidden messages or they may ask you to press buttons for "silly things" to happen.

I think that outdoor learning is as important as indoor learning, so we will be going outside all year round regardless of the weather, so please provide the right clothes for your child.

During my free time, I like going out for walks, playing badminton and football. I love cooking and playing the guitar when I am at home. I also like travelling and visiting new places and learning about new cultures so every half term I try to go to a new place where I have never been before. 

Mr Marsh

My name is Mr Marsh. I have been part of the South Borough team since 2014. I have several years of experience within the Early Years but have supported in various year groups across the school. I love to teach all subjects at South Borough, but in particular Phonics because supporting children in this subject allows them further discovery in their own unique learning journey.

When I am not in the classroom, I am kept busy with administration duties including updating the school website, twitter, creating posters, banners, signs and labels throughout the whole school. Alongside this, I have designed the newsletters, core value certificates, stickers, planners and much more!

When I am not in school, I enjoy visiting new places and going to tourist attractions. My favourite is theme parks and I have been on a number of different roller coasters, rides and themed experiences. I also love using technology and digital photography.

Mrs Field

Hello, my name is Mrs Field and I have been a Teaching Assistant at South Borough since 2016.

I love working at South Borough because everyone is very friendly and we are always helping each other.  The best part of my job is listening to children read and supporting Phonics, watching the children grow throughout the year is very rewarding.

When I am not at school I like to bake cakes, read, watch football and go for walks with my family.

Miss Monticelli

Hello my name is Miss Monticelli, and I’m the student teacher in Green Class this year. Before joining South Borough I worked as a tutor, supporting children aged 4-16 with their phonics, mathematics and English. I enjoyed the role so much that I decided to apply to become a teacher! I am thrilled to be working in such a wonderful school with an amazing and supportive team! 

The best part of working with children is their excitement and enthusiasm for learning. I love listening to their stories and discovering more about their passions and hobbies. 

During my free time I love to study history. I have a Bsc in Bio archaeology and an MA in classics, I have written several papers and am an avid reader! I love to share my passion for history with the children and have previously run archaeological and ‘time traveller’ clubs. I also love going on long walks with my dog Max, baking cakes, and spending time with my boyfriend and family. 

Mrs Webber

Hello my name is Mrs Webber and I am a teaching assistant here at South Borough Primary School. I have worked as a teaching assistant for 11 years, since my children, now aged 21, 18 and 8, first began school. I love working with children and aspire to one day become a teacher.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family and friends, having meals out, family days out and going to the cinema, I’m always sure to watch the latest Marvel film!

I am enjoying getting to know the Reception children and looking forward to getting to know their families and the families and children of the wider South Borough community.

Useful Websites for Learning:

Phonics Songs

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh

Let's Get Fit - Count to 100 - Jack Hartmann


Celebration of Work


The last two weeks we have been learning about the story ‘The Wrong Kind of Knight’ by Julia Donaldson. We have enjoyed using different materials and techniques to make our own knight’s costumes and talked about the different parts of an armour and what knights used to protect themselves. We have also designed and created our own dragons.

We have discussed about how fit knights had to be and the skills they needed in order to fight other knights. We talked about what exercises we could do to get fitter and stronger.

In Maths we have been learning about adding and taking away and also about doubling. We have been using different manipulatives to solve problems involving addition, subtraction and doubling and even challenged ourselves to write some number sentences.

In Phonics we are becoming more fluent each time when segmenting and blending our ‘Green words’ and also becoming more confident spotting ‘Red words’ when reading. So keep up the hard work and keep reading with your child at home.

In Jigsaw we have spoken about friendships and what being a good friend means and involves. We have created our own ‘Friendship Station’ where we can sit if we need a friend to play with.


This term we have started our new topic: ”Kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses”. Our story this week is “The Queen’s Knickers” by Nicholas Allan. We have written birthday cards for the Queen and also designed some new knickers for her collection. We have also designed some castles and made them using a variety of resources. In Phonics we are reviewing sets 1, 2 and 3 sounds and using our segmenting and blending skills for reading and writing. In Maths we have been looking at teen numbers and how they are formed with a whole group of ten and some additional ones. We have been using different resources to make them and matching them with their numerals.


During the last two weeks we have been learning about the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. We have enjoyed reading the story, singing songs and making recipes for our own perfect porridge. In Maths we have been learning about size, weight and distance. We built paper planes and tried to throw them as far as we could, and then measured the distance with our feet. We also learnt about time, the changing seasons and money, from counting coins, to designing our own. On the craft table, we’ve celebrated Mother’s day by making flower cards, and discussing all the wonderful things our mums do for us. We’ve also made easter baskets, designed easter eggs and made delicious cornflake nests! On the last two days of term we had an easter egg hunt and enjoyed our well earnt dojo reward- a pamper day! We hope you have a lovely half term and enjoy your easter break, we’ll see you in Term 5!


Reception this week have been learning all about the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We’ve been practising our fine motor skills by cutting out and decorating leaves to make a class beanstalk that stretches across our wall. We also got green fingered this week when we planted our own magic beans to see if they would grow as tall as Jack’s. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We went on a treasure hunt to find objects in the shape of cubes, cylinders, spheres and cones in the classroom and outside. We also made some patterns and drew our 3D shapes. We then tried an experiment to see which of our 3D shapes could roll!


During the last two weeks, we have been learning about a book called “Journey” by Aaron Becker. The story has led us to draw our “magic red doors” and start conversations about where we would go? Also the story has inspired us to create hot air balloons and magic carpets using different materials and resources combining a variety of techniques.

In Phonics we have reviewed set 1 and 2 sounds that we learnt last term and have started set 3. We are also beginning to write sentences using capital letters, adding finger spaces and full stops.

In Maths we have been measuring height, length and time and using non standard units to measure these. We have been looking at the many different ways of making 10 such as using tens frames, numicon and bead strings.

The Big Question: What is a healthy life?



This week we have been learning about a new story called ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’ related to our ‘Transport’ topic. We have been using cars to paint and observe the marks the wheels leave on the paper. We have driven cars to write numbers with them. In Maths we have been looking at combining two groups and learning about addition and the symbols used to write number sentences. In Phonics we have finished set 2 sounds, and we’re looking forward to starting set 3 next term. Also this week we have celebrated ‘Children’s Mental Health’ and we have been listening to calming music and concentrating on our breathing. Children have worked really hard and achieved their Dojo target so they have had their Dojo reward parties. Have a lovely break and see you soon!



Our new story book is called “The Great Race” written and illustrated by Emily Hiles, which explains the story of the Chinese Zodiac. The Jade Emperor challenges twelve animals to a race, a race across a river! Who will be first?

We have enjoyed looking at and making different types of boats. We have created lanterns and dragons to wish our class luck! Chinese New Year is on Tuesday 1st February, Reception classes will be tasting noodles, rice and reading fortune cookies too!

In Maths we are learning about mass and comparing weights. We are having fun using scales to weigh different sized teddies and toys. Also, we have been looking at capacity and talking about how much a container can hold.

This term our ‘Big Question’ is ‘How can I change the world?’, the children have decided that recycling is a great idea. We have started to collect scrap paper and will begin making our own recycled paper!



Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you had a nice break and charged the batteries for the new term. This week we’ve been looking at “Room on the Broom” and enjoyed making our own brooms and practising “magic rhyming spells”. In Phonics we have started set 2 sounds and we will be learning the following “special friends/digraphs”: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou and oy. our big question this term is “How can I change the world?” We will be talking about what we can do to make the world a better place for us to grow. We’ve been discussing our goals and dreams and we’ll work hard to achieve them. In Maths we have been looking at number composition, thinking about different ways of making the same number (1+4=5, 2+2+1=5) and comparing quantities to see which group has more/fewer. Please continue to support your children with their learning at home and have fun while learning together.


We would like to say a massive WELL DONE to all the children in Reception for their hard work. They have overcome some monumental challenges this term, and we’ve been so proud watching them settle in; trying school dinners for the first time, practising putting their coats on and exploring their independence. The children have familiarised themselves with the school environment and made new friends (both children and adults). This term we have enjoyed learning about the stories “Our class is a family”, “From head to toe” and “The Tiger who came to tea” and we are becoming confident storytellers. Our big question this term has been about ourselves, reflecting on who we are, what we like and dislike and appreciating different cultures. For Black History Month we continued learning about appreciating ourselves for who we are. We also discovered more about Martin Luther King and his ‘I have a dream’ speech. We discussed our own dreams and made our very own “Dream Jars” that we can not wait to show you. We also learnt to sing and sign an ‘I have a dream’ song which we showed to the Head of School! As you can see we have had a very busy term but are looking forward to the next one!



From Head To Toe, by Eric Carle

"Can you wave your arms like a monkey, clap your hands like a seal or stomp like an elephant? 

Yes, you can! Are you ready? Here we go! Move yourself From Head to Toe."  
This lovely book has encouraged reception class children to practise different movements, as well as learning a variety of animal names. 
'From Head To Toe' has helped children understand and answer questions and give them the confidence to participate in an activity and to achieve particular skills. What does an elephant do? It stomps its foot. Can you? Reception children have really enjoyed learning about gross motor movement and learning new physical skills and applying these skills both to their indoor and outdoor learning. Throughout this interactive book, the animals of 'From Head to Toe' invite young readers to copy their antics as they play. Have a go at home with your child/ren!
Mrs Hunt and Mr Blanco.



Since the beginning of Term 1, both Reception classes have been learning about the story of, 'Our Class is a Family' written by Shannon Olsen. 

The story is about how families are not always your relatives. 

Family are the ones who accept you for who you are! The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what. 

We have talked about the people who are in our families, the pets we own or would like to have, special occasions, events and experiences that we could remember. New Reception children have explored inside the classroom and outdoors. We have enjoyed staying for school dinners and packed lunches this week. 

We are looking forward to staying in school all day next week, playing, exploring and investigating. Mrs Hunt and Mr Blanco.