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Teacher: Mrs Hunt

Red Class

Teacher: Mr Blanco

Year Group Newsletter - Who Am I? - Term 1

Welcome to Reception Classes!

Photos of Green Classroom


Photos of Red Classroom


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Outside Area


Reception Staff

Mrs Hunt






My name is Mrs Hunt. I am the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 Lead Teacher for South Borough. Over the 6 years, I have taught in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. I am currently teaching in Reception Green class. I have a fantastic team around me who work very hard and are always there to support my class and I. I love learning through play with our children, both indoors and outdoors - especially messy play areas, woodwork and role play.

I am also the phonics lead for our school, it never ceases to amaze me how children learn phonemes and graphemes and then blend and segment to read and write. I am honoured to be leading this important, yet wonderful subject!

I believe a strong partnership with parents and carers is key to a successful start to school life for our youngest pupils. I am a parent myself and I enjoy spending time with my husband, 3 children, other family members and all my friends. I love eating out, having BBQs in the summer, playing indoor badminton and outdoor tennis when the weather is fine. When I have time, I enjoy reading about facts and real life events such as history books and autobiographies and watching films. I have 2 cats called Alice and Tabitha and many hedgehogs and foxes who visit my garden. I love to travel, visiting new places and meeting new people. One day, I would like to teach abroad. But for now, I am very happy and proud to be teaching at South Borough Primary School.

Mr Blanco


Hi, I am Mr Blanco and I teach Reception Red class. I truly believe in the power of learning through play so we have lots of fun in Red class. I also enjoy make believe and pretend play, so your children will probably go home telling you about all the adventures that they have had during the day. I like "messaging and secret symbols" so you might find your children going home with hidden messages or they may ask you to press buttons for "silly things" to happen.

I think that outdoor learning is as important as indoor learning, so we will be going outside all year round regardless of the weather, so please provide the right clothes for your child.

During my free time, I like going out for walks, playing badminton and football. I love cooking and playing the guitar when I am at home. I also like travelling and visiting new places and learning about new cultures so every half term I try to go to a new place where I have never been before. 

Mr Marsh

My name is Mr Marsh. I have been part of the South Borough team for over six years. I have several years of experience within the Early Years but have supported in various year groups across the school. I love to teach all subjects at South Borough, but in particular Phonics because supporting children with letters and sounds allows them further discovery in their own unique learning journey.

When I am not in the classroom, I am kept busy with administration duties including updating the school website, twitter, creating posters, banners, signs and labels throughout the whole school. Alongside this, I have designed the newsletters, core value certificates, stickers, planners and much more!

When I am not in school, I enjoy visiting new places and going to tourist attractions. My favourite is theme parks and I have been on a number of different roller coasters, rides and themed experiences. I also love using technology and digital photography.

Mrs Field

Hello, my name is Mrs Field and I have been a Teaching Assistant at South Borough for 4 years. It is my first year in Reception and my second year supporting Mrs Hunt.

I love working at South Borough because everyone is very friendly and we are always helping each other.  The best part of my job is listening to children read and supporting Phonics, watching the children grow throughout the year is very rewarding.

When I am not at school I like to bake cakes, read, watch football and go for walks with my family.

Miss Monticelli

Information coming soon.

Useful Websites for Learning:

Phonics Songs

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh

Let's Get Fit - Count to 100 - Jack Hartmann


Celebration of Work


Since the beginning of Term 1, both Reception classes have been learning about the story of, 'Our Class is a Family' written by Shannon Olsen. 

The story is about how families are not always your relatives. 

Family are the ones who accept you for who you are! The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what. 

We have talked about the people who are in our families, the pets we own or would like to have, special occasions, events and experiences that we could remember. New Reception children have explored inside the classroom and outdoors. We have enjoyed staying for school dinners and packed lunches this week. 

We are looking forward to staying in school all day next week, playing, exploring and investigating. Mrs Hunt and Mr Blanco.