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Year 6

Class 6S

Teacher: Mr B Smith

Class 6W

Teacher: Mrs T Watts

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Celebration of Work


WOW! Year 6 are amazing! We are incredibly proud of every Year 6 child; they have worked so hard this year to prepare for their SATS and this week they have had the opportunity to show off all they have learned. We could not have asked any more from them and they deserve to be immensely proud of themselves.

Year 6 are really enjoying their P.E. lessons, especially those which they have been able to enjoy on the field. This week they have been perfecting their throwing, catching and batting skills after being introduced by our coach to Diamond Cricket - a great game where four children are batting at one time. This and many other of the fast paced activities the children have been taught this term, have particularly engaged them and link seamlessly to their additional P.E. lessons, which this term have a focus on fitness and well-being.

The children are designing and making puppets in our D.T. lessons. It has been great to see the variety of puppet styles designed and created, which range from a simple glove puppet design to a more complicated string puppet with accompany outfits. The children have developed their measuring, marking, cutting and joining skills and are looking forward to including their puppet in their very own group written puppet show.

In our geography lessons we have been using both research and art skills to support our learning of the countries, continents and oceans of the world. After we drew our world maps, we used watercolour paints to create an impressive piece. We then used our research skills to show our knowledge and understanding of countries around the world.


Year 6 have made a superb start to Term 5. They are showing great maturity and focus as they use these few weeks before SATS to ensure they are prepared, calm and confident. It has been great to see the majority of children attending our Learning Breakfast each morning, where much cereal and toast has been consumed, alongside great learning! In English the children have been writing a newspaper report, based on a court trial of the 3 Little Pigs, accused of murdering the Big Bad Wolf. The task has really engaged the children and they have produced writing which is both creative and humorous. In PE,.the children are enjoying their Zumba fitness sessions where they are exercising and developing their own routines. They are looking forward to additional PE lessons with Coach Robbie. Our PE lessons will continue to be on a Monday and Friday. In Geography, the children are developing their locational knowledge and are enjoying using maps and an atlas to support their learning.


In Year 6 we have had a fantastic couple of weeks! Last week, the pupils were working exceptionally hard as they completed a mock SATs week - they should be extremely proud of the effort which they have put in! In our Maths sessions we have continued to demonstrate a good understanding of fractions and percentages! The children have been producing some fantastic work in our computing sessions. In the last 2 weeks, the children have been handling “Big Data” in which they have used Excel to write formulae and produce graphs! The children have also been using data gathered by Transport For London to solve travel problems that people may face when travelling in and around London. Finally, we have been very impressed by the childrens’ skills in our Tennis sessions. The pupils have mastered the forehand and backhand, as well as competing in healthy competition, with the goal of developing their resilience.


Year 6 have been working extremely hard in preparation for their KS2 tests in May. In Maths they have been developing their speed and accuracy when completing arithmetic questions, as well as continuing to hone their skills when calculating fractions and decimals. Children are enjoying their reading lessons, where we have been reading a variety of texts, including an extract from Dracula by Bram Stoker, as well as our new class novel, Kick. Year 6 are taking this term’s Big Question, What is a Healthy Life very seriously. In P.E. they have had great fun developing and taking part in circuit type activities, intended to increase heart rates and build fitness. Similarly, in Jigsaw lessons, the healthy me focus has lead to interesting learning conversations regarding the importance of looking after our emotional health and well being as well as our physical health.


Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the term. They have written stories as part of a Whole School Writing Project, based on the picture book, Journey, by Aaron Becker. Amazing artwork compliments their writing and Year 6 are really looking forward to seeing their learning displayed around the school.

We have been considering our big question for this term, Healthy Me, during our PSHE Jigsaw lessons, where we are learning about the importance of taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. This learning has continued in our P.E.lessons, where we have been learning more about health and fitness, including creating our own fitness circuits. We really enjoyed taking part in the circuit activity with our visiting athlete last week - he has definitely inspired us to work even harder towards our dreams and goals.

We are always proud of Year 6 but are especially proud at this time as they continue to work incredibly hard to prepare for their upcoming KS2 tests next term. Keep up the good work Year 6!


Year 6 have had an incredible end to Term 3! As part of our Big Question, the children decided that they wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Sea Life Trust - in order to help change the world! They raised a fantastic £270!! Each charity will receive half of the money raised. The children also had a very successful World War II Day. They created WW2 inspired artwork as well as learning bandaging skills and discussing simple first aid. During the afternoon the children hosted a showcase of their learning to parents. They sang songs, shared readings and proudly took the opportunity to show off their WWII learning.They should be extremely proud of their hard work. In Maths, as well as continuing to develop their arithmetic skills, the children have begun to conquer algebra. They have been learning about equations and substitution and are increasing in confidence with this sometimes tricky concept.


In Year 6, the children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing based on the story of Rose Blanche - a WW2 story! They should be extremely proud of the work they have produced - we certainly are!

In Science, we have started a new topic focussed on light. This week, the children had to prove that light travelled in straight lines and reflects off a surface. With the use of light boxes and mirrors, the children produced light maps that were able to prove this fact!

As well as continuing to learn to swim, our Physical Education lessons have been focussing on Carnival Dance. The children have been creating routines and performing these to one another. They have continued to show their understanding of PE and developed communication skills, through critiquing and improving other performances.


Happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3. The children have returned to school refreshed and eager to learn and have enthusiastically accepted our Big Question challenge by identifying an impressive range of goals and dreams for the future. Some children were even brave enough to share their goals in our assembly this week! The children have discussed many ways they think they can change the world and it has been heartening to hear the empathy they have shown when considering causes they would like to help.There has been much talk of fundraising as a result. We are continuing our WWII learning this term and in History have been using our learning of key figures to help us create micrography - the process of writing information over a traced photograph. We had our first swimming lesson this week, and although some of Yr6 felt a little nervous beforehand, a great time was had by all and we are looking forward to going back next week.


The pupils have had a fantastic return to life at South Borough Primary School, in what is their last year at the school! They have strived to exemplify the Core Values and Rainbow Rules, whilst also undertaking a variety of key roles around the school. It has been a pleasure to welcome them back. The students have engaged in a variety of different learning experiences. In our English lessons, we have written a short suspenseful narrative. Linked to our History topic, the children have been writing a passionate letter to Mr Heappey (Minister of State for the Armed Forces) regarding Walter Tull, an officer in World War I. The children have been attempting to persuade the minister to award Walter the Military Cross, which he was denied due to the colour of his skin. In Maths, the children have continued to demonstrate their understanding of the 4 operations and have tackled long division for the first time! Thank you all (parents and children) for your hardwork and support this term. We look forward to Term 2.



In History and English, the Year 6 children have been focussing on World War 1 hero Walter Tull. The children have been researching him and his achievements in order to create a persuasive letter to send to Mr Heappey, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, attempting to persuade him to award Walter Tull the Military Cross! The children have also continued to demonstrate their impressive scientific knowledge, designing and building circuits that could be used in the real world, for example a circuit that would power a fan. 



We have made a great start to Year 6 and have been doing some fantastic learning. We are learning about World War I in our History lessons and have created timelines to show important events, as well as using our Art lessons to learn about the WWI artist, Paul Nash. 

In English we are linking our WWI learning to our class novel, The Armistice Runner, as well as using a wealth of ambitious vocabulary to help us write a suspense filled story. 

We are learning about electricity in Science, where we have built  circuits and discovered the value of universal symbols. In PE we have been developing our problem solving skills as well as learning skills in badminton.