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Year 1

Class 1B

Teacher: Ms L Brough & Miss E Ballard

Class 1H

Teacher: Miss Z Huggins

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Welcome to Year 1 Classes!

Year 1 Staff

Ms Brough

My name is Ms Brough and I have been part of the South Borough team since September 2019. I am currently teaching Year 1, but have taught all Primary Year groups, since qualifying 10 years ago. I love teaching Maths, English and Science, but, when at home, I enjoy reading, walking and art, particularly sketching and watercolour painting.

I have 3 grown up children and 2 granddaughters, who I love very much. Family is extremely important to me.

Miss Ballard
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Miss Huggins

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Mrs Walker

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Mrs Rammandala

Hello, my name is Mrs Rammandala and I have been a Teaching Assistant at South Borough for 4 years working in Nursery and Reception. It is a pleasure working at South Borough and to be able to interact with children on a daily basis. It is a very rewarding experience.

When I am not at school I like to spend time with my family, going for walks and reading books.

Useful Websites for Learning:

Phonics Songs

Let's Get Fit - Count to 100 - Jack Hartmann


Celebration of Work


In English, we have been learning about what schools were like in the past and how they have changed compared to school now. We have read about what school was like for Victorian children and have been writing verbs in the past tense by adding the ending -ed onto them. In Maths, we have been learning about sharing into equal groups and finding halves. We have been making equal groups of objects and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to find the total. We have also been cutting fruit in half and folding shapes in half, remembering that halves need to be equal and fair.

In Jigsaw, we have been thinking about people who help us inside and outside of school and about how we can ask for help if we need it.

In Computing, we have been using the story of The Three Little Pigs to create a scene from the story on SketchPad. We used the paint bucket tool to create a background showing the sky and then the paintbrush tool to create the clouds and grass. We used the stamps to create the pigs and wolf.


Year 1 have also been reading ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ in English. We have designed a new pair of knickers for the Queen and have used some amazing adjectives to write sentences describing them. In Maths, we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We’ve been learning how to make equal groups using practical resources. In Computing, we have been looking at the work of the artist Kandinsky and using our skills on Sketchpad to create a piece of artwork. We used different size and colour circles to create a repeated pattern similar to his. Our topic this term is England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. We have been learning how to find locations on a map of the UK and the capital cities of important places, such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.


We had a wonderful time last Friday, when Creepy Claws visited us with their animal friends for our experience day. We met a snake, gecko, tortoise, tarantula, chinchilla and a hedgehog. In English last week, we learned how to write an acrostic poem of an animal, and this week we are writing a recount of our experience last Friday. Our science was consolidating our learning about the animals that we had met and stroked. Last week in Maths, we were learning about weight and mass. We weighed and compared classroom objects, using cubes. This week, we had fun measuring and comparing volume and capacity, using water, containers and funnels. Our Geography was learning about wild animals and where in the world they live. In Science, we have been learning whether those animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.


Year 1 have very much enjoyed learning about measuring in Maths, over the last few weeks. We have used nonstandard units (blocks and counters etc) and also begun to use rulers properly. They have compared objects and each other with ourselves and this week, they have been adding and subtracting measures. In our writing, we have been exploring rhyme, using traditional nursery rhymes, and writing our own rhyming couplets. In Science, we have been sorting types of animals, and in geography we have used N,S,E and W to draw routes on a local map!


During the first 2 weeks of Term 4, in English, we have based our learning around the picture book “Journey” by Aaron Becker. The children are really excited about the story, which has shown in the amazing adjectives used in description writing and super sentences in past tense.  The children have used the fantastic illustrations, to fire their imaginations, to write their own narrative.

In Phonics we are reviewing our Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. We have been reading in pairs, using our ‘Stick of Power’!

In Maths we have been counting and comparing numbers within 50.  Then we have begun work on counting on and back in 2s and 5s, spotting patterns and using various resources.


Year 1 have absolutely loved our dinosaurs topic this term! We have had lots of fun learning to say their tricky names and finding out lots of facts about them. In English, we have been reading ‘The Girl and the Dinosaur’ and have been writing a diary entry pretending to be the girl in the story. We have practised writing in the past tense and asking questions, using a question mark at the end of our sentences. In Maths, we have been working with bigger numbers and have been reading and representing numbers up to 50. In Science, we have planted some sunflower seeds. We are going to have a competition between the 2 classes to see who can grow the tallest sunflower! We have also planted broad beans and we hope to move them outside into our planting area once it gets warmer. In RE, we have been learning about different places of worship including the mosque, synagogue and church. Wishing you all a restful half term break!


Year 1 have been getting outdoors as much as possible this term learning about plants as part of our Science topic. We have been on a plant and tree hunt around the school and have been learning about the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees.

In English, we have been reading ‘Dear Dinosaur’ and practising our letter writing skills. We will be writing a letter to Maidstone Museum asking them all the questions that we have about dinosaurs!

We have been focusing on adding and subtracting in Maths, using lots of objects like dinosaurs, Lego and bears to help us with counting forwards and backwards.

In Computing, we have been learning how to program a Bee-bot using different algorithms and debugging when things go wrong. We have had lots of fun guiding the Bee-bot to different places around the classroom!


Year 1 have had a roarsome start to the new term! We have been learning all about dinosaurs.This week, we had a special dinosaur experience day, where we had a virtual visit to Maidstone Museum and learnt all about fossils and how they were formed. In English, we have been reading Tyrannosaurus Drip. We have been practising our descriptive language by designing our own dino habitats. In Maths, we have been working with numbers to 20, comparing them in different ways. In Science, we have been learning about winter and have been spending time outside exploring ice. We found ice triangles, rectangles and even ice in the shape of dinosaur teeth! We have compared winter in England and Finland, where it is much colder. We have been learning about the northern lights and created some artwork with chalk showing the magical dancing colours in the dark night sky.


We would like to take this opportunity to say that the children have all been Superheroes, since returning to school in September. They have settled extremely well into Year 1, showing great resilience and amazing learning! The entire cohort have shown excellent maturity adjusting to KS1, as well as keeping their energy and enthusiasm for learning. Our Maths learning has focused on number and we have begun to partition numbers using part-whole models. Beginning with the book ‘The Colour Monster’ we explored different feelings and what might make us feel different emotions. In Jigsaw lessons, we were able to familiarise ourselves with the Rainbow Rules, what we like about learning at South Borough and how we can help to create that environment for everybody. The children have embraced our Superhero topic, which culminated with our Superhero Experience Day which was based on the text, ‘Traction Man’. We explored the different environments that Traction Man found himself in and described the different settings, as well as his outfits, using adjectives. We are very proud of you all Year 1 and are looking forward to Term 2.



This week in Year 1 we have been comparing numbers in Maths using more than, less than and equal to. We've completed number tracks finding missing numbers and building number lines of our own, in order. In light of National poetry day, we have focussed on reciting Superworm using actions and changing our tone of voice for different characters. In the Broader Curriculum for science we have been looking at everyday materials and objects and using our knowledge of materials to know what certain objects are made of. In phonics we have moved on to Set 3 sounds and have had fun with Fred thinking of words we know with our key sounds. We have also then gone on to practice some of these words in handwriting, writing them in different materials like shaving foam and sand!




Over the past 2 weeks in Year 1 in Maths, we have been recapping counting backwards and forwards between 0 and 10 and moved on to comparing numbers and objects between 0 and 20, to represent numbers in different ways! In English we have been making sure we can write a full sentence and moved on to retelling the story of Superworm! We have been acting, making missing posters and miniature books! For our continuous provision we have been making superhero gear including masks and cuffs with logos matching our super powers as well as puppets for Juniper Jupiter and Superworm. We've begun looking at different materials in Science and thinking about what items we know that go into different material groups.