School Values and Ethos

South Borough Primary School is committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour underpins productive learning.  It is a place of safety where firm boundaries guide and support; where self-discipline and regulation outweighs compliance; where high expectations lead to lifelong learning; where care and respectful relationships build self-esteem.  The main principles of our policy are that:

  • Every member of our school community should have an equal opportunity to achieve his or her full potential regardless of race, colour, gender, disability, special educational needs or socio economic backgrounds.
  • It is the right of all our pupils to be educated in an environment free from disruption by others.
  • Individuals should take responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • The Zones of Regulation will help children understand their emotions, sensory needs and thinking patterns and teach strategies to support in coping and managing emotions.
  • A restorative approach will assist the development and repair of relationships, where every member of our school community feels listened to, valued and respected.

The school community has identified a set of shared values.  We use our school values as guides for the way we behave, perform and interact with each other.  These are explicitly taught and contribute to the development of our positive school ethos and culture for teaching.  The school values are:

Respect:         Respect ourselves, others and our school.

Kindness:          Kind words and actions.

Determination:     Be determined and aim high in everything you do.

Each class will display the core values in their classroom on a display like this:

School value trophies are awarded to children every term for showing these values to an exemplary level.

Expected Behaviours

The aim of the school’s ‘expected behaviours’ is to ensure all children understand what is expected of them, throughout school life and to give them a visual reminder of what they can to demonstrate the school’s values.  Ultimately, this will ensure that South Borough is a happy, safe and positive place to learn.  

Our expected behaviours are closely aligned with the school’s values as follows:

We will explicitly teach these expectations to all children from Nursery to Year 6 and show children what each expectation means.  South Borough’s expected behaviours will be displayed throughout the school environment.  They will be used as a discussion point between staff and children should unexpected behaviours occur.