Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

Our aim is to provide a rich and balanced PE curriculum that enables all children the ability to be successful. We will ensure that our PE is meaningful and appropriate, supporting children as they develop their physical, social and mental wellbeing. We aim to create a passionate and competitive environment that supports children to develop a lifelong love for PE and healthy lifestyles. All pupils will have the opportunity to increase physical fitness, investigate new activities and compete fairly, with an underlying message of respect.

Curriculum Implementation

At South Borough, we have planned our PE curriculum using the National Curriculum aims and requirements, alongside the Complete PE sequence of learning. PE is taught twice a week throughout the year. 

During Physical Education lessons, pupils will work independently, in groups and in small teams to achieve good physical literacy. Pupils will be exposed to a variety of sports throughout their education at South Borough, developing and honing their skills. Teaching will emphasise the development of their physical ability, as well as building students' knowledge of the social, emotional and mental health benefits of being active.

Within each key stage’s programme of study, lessons have been designed to include four core strands; Physical, Cognitive, Social and Wellbeing, which are clearly outlined within our Progression of Skills. We aim to challenge pupils to improve their flexibility, strength, technique, control, balance and coordination. Teachers will strive to ignite passion and excitement within their lessons, with an emphasis on children being active for as long as possible, in order to inspire an interest in Physical Education and sporting excellence. 

The children will be provided with a broad range of opportunities within PE. Working alongside the School Games Mark, children from both key stages will have the chance to compete in inter and intra-school competitions. All year groups will be given the chance to join a variety of extra-curricular clubs which will promote participation and provide pupils with the opportunity to excel in sport. The school is also working alongside the Youth Sport Trust and FA Shooting Stars programme, to offer an extra-curricular club targeted at female pupils, in order to increase their participation in sport. Through the positive working relationship with Sports For Champions, we aim to inspire pupils to participate in sport throughout their life. We will provide children with the chance to meet professional athletes from a variety of sporting and cultural backgrounds.