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Our Catering Company - Pabulum

Our catering company is Pabulum; they are delighted to be providing fresh, nutritious, honestly good food to our children at South Borough.

Medically Prescribed Diet Request Form

Contact: Polly Duncan - 01252 360569 (ParentPay issues or meal queries).


Parents can apply for free school meals on  

Parents/carers may instead, provide a packed lunch for their child each day. Please use a medium-sized container labelled with his or her name. If a cold drink is provided, parents/carers are asked to use a non-breakable container for safety reasons. Fizzy drinks are not permitted, as they can be very dangerous when opened.
As a health promoting school, we encourage pupils to make healthy choices about the food they eat and pupils are encouraged to bring fresh or dried fruit and vegetables pieces to promote healthy eating habits.

The school has signed up to the Government’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and every child, aged between 4 and 7 years of age, receives a piece of free fruit or vegetable each day.