Kent Test (11+)

The Kent Test: Supporting Your Child's Journey

The Kent Test is an entrance exam used by grammar schools in Kent to select students for their Year 7 intake. Here at South Borough, we understand that navigating the Kent Test process can be a time of both excitement and uncertainty for parents and students alike.

What is the Kent Test?

The Kent Test consists of two multiple-choice papers, each lasting one hour. The first paper assesses English and Maths skills, while the second focuses on Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The test is designed to identify students who are working at the top of their year group.

Resources for Parents:

To learn more about the Kent Test and how best to support your child's preparation, we encourage you to explore the following resources:

Other Resources:

  •  Kent Test Presentation: Click on the attachment below to view a presentation that provides an overview of the Kent Test, including sample questions and key information taken from the Kent County Council website. This presentation can be a helpful resource for you and your child to explore together. 

Contact Kent Admissions:

For any further enquiries about the Kent Test, including registration details or specific eligibility criteria, please don't hesitate to contact the Kent Admissions team directly at