The school has a homework policy, and believes that the purpose of homework is to enable pupils to build on what they have learnt in class and the amount of time devoted to homework varies according to the age of the pupils. Homework should be a pleasant experience and, as pupils get older, it prepares them for secondary school.

Every pupil is encouraged to take home a reading book each day. We have found that regular practice and consistent help from home ensures pupils make good progress. From Key Stage 1 onwards, your child is encouraged to either learn spelling or engage in tasks to promote reading and writing, practice multiplication tables and key facts as homework on a weekly basis. In Key Stage 2, teachers also ask pupils to undertake individual projects at home. The school runs a homework club once per week for pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

As part of the parental consultation meetings held each term to discuss your child’s progress in school, teachers will willingly discuss the strategies and support that parents can provide at home to assist children in the attainment of their reading, writing and mathematics targets at school.