Curriculum Intent

Our vision for our history curriculum is to deliver high quality teaching and learning to help the children learn about significant people and events, from a range of cultures and backgrounds, that have occurred in Britain, our local area and the wider world. We aim to deliver engaging and high quality history experiences that develop children’s curiosity, passion and understanding about events and people from the past and how they have influenced our lives today.

Curriculum Implementation

At South Borough, we have planned our history curriculum using the National Curriculum aims and requirements.  We teach history lessons weekly during specific terms, with the other terms being dedicated to geography. 

Whilst at South Borough, our children will explore a range of topics, gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of local and global history.  During our history lessons, pupils work both independently and collaboratively, having meaningful discussions about events and people from the past.  With an emphasis on developing enquiry skills, research, empathy and factual knowledge and understanding, a creative approach is taken by teachers to ensure that our history curriculum is engaging, relevant and memorable.  

Within each key stage’s programme of study, lessons have been designed to include three strands across all year groups: Chronological Understanding, Knowledge and Understanding of Key Individuals / Events and Historical Enquiry Skills. We seek to challenge their thinking, and allow them to explore their learning creatively in every lesson. Teachers strive to ignite a passion and excitement which will encourage children to develop their interest in history.

All classes are equipped with a visual, chronological timeline that enables children to reference where historical periods fall in relation to one another.  The children are provided with meaningful enrichment opportunities that include but are not limited to experiences, trips and visitors. We will use our local and wider community to help understand the history of our local areas. We will make use of our local museums to have workshops and experiences. Practical hands-on learning will allow our children to feel empowered about their learning with learning being recorded in a variety of ways.