Curriculum Intent

Our geography curriculum aims to inspire curiosity in students with their local geographical environment, the country we live in and the wider world. By equipping students with the knowledge of diverse places, people and regions of the world, we aim to give students a deeper understanding of how the world works. Throughout their time in school, we hope that students develop a sense of responsibility to the world they live in and become more socially, and environmentally accountable.

Curriculum Implementation

At South Borough, we have planned our geography curriculum using the National Curriculum aims and requirements and we teach geography lessons weekly during specific terms, with the other terms being dedicated to history. 

With an emphasis on developing enquiry skills, research, locational knowledge and fieldwork skills - a creative approach is taken by teachers to ensure that our geography curriculum is engaging, relevant and memorable.  Specific skills such as map reading and locational knowledge form an important part of geography lessons.  With this in mind, all classrooms will be equipped with a map of the world, atlases and maps that represent countries and the local area. 

In geography lessons, ​pupils will develop knowledge about the world around them. They will be taught subject-specific vocabulary relating to human and physical geography and learn key geographical concepts and skills, including first-hand observation to enhance their awareness of all aspects of geography, including their own local area. Within each key stage’s programme of study, lessons have been designed to include four strands across all year groups: locational and place knowledge, human and physical geography, and geographical skills and fieldwork.  Teachers have designed the school’s geography provision to encourage and enable a clear progression of learning within each of the above strands.

The children are provided with hands-on educational experiences by giving them the opportunity to explore the local landscape of Maidstone and the further county. The school is situated in an urban centre with close rural connections which provides students an opportunity to engage with many aspects of human and physical geography and carry out field work to practise their skills and demonstrate their understanding.