Curriculum 21/22

Curriculum Vision

The school's vision is to provide excellence, enjoyment and inspiration in all areas of learning.  With the National Curriculum as the basis, the school’s local curriculum is boundless and provides a cutting-edge and highly relevant education for its pupils.  Our aim is to raise aspirations and increase life chances of all pupils whilst developing tolerance and appreciation for the diversity of our community.  Children are empowered to express themselves in a variety of ways and contexts and encouraged to think ‘outside the box’.  Emphasis is placed on physical, social and emotional health to ensure an active body and healthy mind.

Curriculum Principles

The school's curriculum has the principles below at its heart.  All learning activities will aim to include some or all of these principles.  

Raising aspirations and life chances

  • The curriculum prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

  • All pupils are taught transferable life skills which enable them to make valuable contributions to society and fulfil real-world responsibilities.

  • All members of the school community are role models for our children.  Together we model how we would like the children to behave during structured, unstructured time and at home.  As a family we work together to set high expectations for the children to aspire to.

  • Meaningful, engaging and memorable learning experiences broaden horizons and raise children’s aspirations.

  • The school strives to raise the attainment of all young people in the hopes they intrinsically learn how to achieve well in their future endeavours.

Cultural diversity

  • The curriculum and wider learning develops pupils’ understanding, tolerance and appreciation of the range of cultures within our school community.

  • Our school promotes inclusivity and teaches children to actively challenge prejudice of any nature.

  • Children are given the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate differences.

  • We develop and promote links with both the local community and those further afield.

Excellence and enjoyment

  • The school provides all children with inspirational, high quality teaching and learning experiences.  

  • Curriculum design ensures clear progression of skills and consistency of approach across the school.

  • Curriculum opportunities are ambitious for all, enable each child to feel both challenged and deepen learning.

  • Children develop a love of learning and take pride in achieving the very highest standards in all fields.

Forward Thinking​​​​​​​

  • The school has an ethos of change which allows freedom for curriculum experimentation and risk taking.

  • The curriculum is adapted to ensure that children are taught the skills necessary to thrive in a world where technology is ever-changing.

  • All members of the school community are given regular opportunities to enquire, ask questions, innovate, continually reflect and embrace change.

Expressing Ourselves

  • The curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to work collaboratively, independently and have autonomy over aspects of their learning.

  • Vocabulary rich environments provide children with the language they need to communicate effectively.

  • Opportunities are provided for children to develop the self-confidence needed to express their opinions and present these in a variety of forms.

  • The school provides a vast and varied enrichment programme to unearth, nurture and celebrate children’s talents.

Health and wellbeing​​​​​​​

  • The curriculum and wider learning promotes spiritual, moral, social and physical development of pupils.

  • Children are encouraged to be physically active at every opportunity and understand the positive impact exercise has on their body, mind and wellbeing.

  • We promote positive mental health throughout the school curriculum by promoting key events such as Children’s Mental Health Week and World Mental Health Day, by giving children regular time to talk about mental health and wellbeing issues, regularly celebrating learning that is not only associated with attainment and by ensuring that children know how to get support if they need it.

  • Mental health and resilience is strengthened by giving children clear guidance on how to express concerns and access relevant support.

  • The school provides children with the knowledge they need to develop their emotional intelligence and use this to guide and reflect on their choices.