Curriculum Intent

We aim to add to children’s cultural capital and enhance their wellbeing through delivery of our bespoke art curriculum. By the time our pupils leave our school, they will possess knowledge of a wide range of artistic styles and movements and will have learnt about many of their key proponents. From Picasso to Di Vinci, children will enjoy a broad learning experience on seminal artists and be able to explain the key features of their works.

We believe that opportunity, creativity and artistic expression has a very positive effect on our pupils’ wellbeing and mental health, allowing them to experiment with their own ideas, whilst still learning the key components of how to structure effective compositions.

Curriculum Implementation

Children at South Borough are afforded inspiring art lessons throughout their journey with us. In Early Years, children have regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. All children in Years One to Six will take part in regular lessons taught by our specialist art teacher. Within the lessons our pupils will develop their knowledge of the key elements of art: line, shape, colour, form, texture, value and space. As well as covering all aspects outlined in the National Curriculum, children will also be taught to be able to explain the key features of notable movements and styles, and continually encouraged to explore the limits of their own creatively.

Lessons are delivered in our specially designated and well-stocked art room, which gives pupils immediate access to a wide range of materials and resources and provides them with the space to develop their own compositions, no matter how big or small!

All pupils will learn how to work with a broad selection of media and be taught a progression of skills as they make the journey through their years at South Borough Primary. We aim for every child to become both an independent and self-reflective artist in their own right by offering them both teacher guidance and artistic freedom during lessons to explore different materials and through exposure to different types of art such as sculpture, painting and drawing.

Children’s work is recorded in, but not limited to, sketchbooks. It also takes the form of modelling, larger drawings, paintings or sculpture. We are proud of the high quality of art at South Borough and seek to celebrate the artistic endeavours of our children, with recognition ranging from awards for effort and achievement in class, displaying art throughout the school or the chance to have work exhibited in our school events, where families are invited into school to enjoy pupils’ creations.