Performing Arts Club - Coming to England

During Black history month the Performing Arts children read the book 'Coming to England' written by Baroness Floella Benjamin and illustrated by Diane Ewen.

The story is about Baroness Benjamin’s family’s journey from Trinidad to England as part of the Windrush generation.

After reading the book the children got into groups improvising the story. The children also closed their eyes whilst listening to lively calypso music. The children then spoke about the pictures that the music construed in their mind.

In their last session of the term the children looked back over the story and along with Mrs Samways, Mrs Hunt and Miss Huggins created a frozen tableau recreating different moments of the story.

Coming to England:

My name is Floella. I lived on the beautiful island of Trinidad.

Dardie had always wanted to be a jazz musician in England. We imagined him there, playing his saxophone, wearing a coat to keep warm.

A year after Dardie left, Marmie joined him in England. Sandra and I had to stay with our wicked Auntie.

We were finally going to England. It took fifteen days to sail there. We helped in the kitchen.

London didn’t feel very welcoming, and people weren’t very kind.

I was very excited to start school, but our classmates had never seen black children before. They called us names.


But after a while we became friends.

I dreamt of meeting the queen. And one day, when I was all grown up, I did.