Year Groups

Year 6

Class 6S

Teacher: Mr B Smith

Class 6W

Teacher: Mrs T Watts

Year Group Newsletter - Who Am I? - Term 1
Year Group Newsletter - What Makes Me Unique? - Term 2

Celebration of Work


The pupils have had a fantastic return to life at South Borough Primary School, in what is their last year at the school! They have strived to exemplify the Core Values and Rainbow Rules, whilst also undertaking a variety of key roles around the school. It has been a pleasure to welcome them back. The students have engaged in a variety of different learning experiences. In our English lessons, we have written a short suspenseful narrative. Linked to our History topic, the children have been writing a passionate letter to Mr Heappey (Minister of State for the Armed Forces) regarding Walter Tull, an officer in World War I. The children have been attempting to persuade the minister to award Walter the Military Cross, which he was denied due to the colour of his skin. In Maths, the children have continued to demonstrate their understanding of the 4 operations and have tackled long division for the first time! Thank you all (parents and children) for your hardwork and support this term. We look forward to Term 2.



In History and English, the Year 6 children have been focussing on World War 1 hero Walter Tull. The children have been researching him and his achievements in order to create a persuasive letter to send to Mr Heappey, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, attempting to persuade him to award Walter Tull the Military Cross! The children have also continued to demonstrate their impressive scientific knowledge, designing and building circuits that could be used in the real world, for example a circuit that would power a fan. 



We have made a great start to Year 6 and have been doing some fantastic learning. We are learning about World War I in our History lessons and have created timelines to show important events, as well as using our Art lessons to learn about the WWI artist, Paul Nash. 

In English we are linking our WWI learning to our class novel, The Armistice Runner, as well as using a wealth of ambitious vocabulary to help us write a suspense filled story. 

We are learning about electricity in Science, where we have built  circuits and discovered the value of universal symbols. In PE we have been developing our problem solving skills as well as learning skills in badminton.