Year Groups

Year 4

Class 4N

Teacher: Miss O Newman

Class 4C

Teacher: Miss L Collins

Class 4B

Teachers: Miss H Ballard & Mr J Allchin


Celebration of Work


In Year 4, we have continued exploring our topic Africa. In English and Reading, we have started the term by writing a biography about the significant individual Nelson Mandela. We have used non-fiction books and the internet to research facts about him. The children have felt extremely passionate about what happened during his life. In Maths, we are building on our knowledge of time. We have begun by looking at telling the time to the nearest minute. Next week, we will start to look at digital clocks and 24 hours (Please support your child with looking at time at home). In Topic, we have drawn comparisons between Nelson Mandela and other significant individuals from South Africa. Finally, we have finished our Science topic Rocks by exploring the components of soil and fossils; we even created our own fossils using plaster of Paris! See some of our fossils below.




Over the past couple of weeks, Year 4 have been working extremely hard. They have been putting their acting and writing skills to the test by performing play-scripts and writing their own one based upon the Lion King. Our next piece of writing will be based on the book ‘The Boy who Biked the World’ where we will explore our character’s journey across the world. In Maths, our main topic has been decimals and we will soon be focussing on money. Please continue to support your children at home with their multiplication. Our afternoon sessions have allowed our keen cricketers to shine through as well as looking at Significant figures to our Topic Africa. 



Over the past two weeks in Year 4 we have been designing and making shields and weapons in preparation for our final experience day this term - Invasions!  Each class has transformed themselves into their chosen group: Anglo Saxons, Normans or Vikings. In maths, we have been working hard on fractions including adding, subtracting, equivalents, simplifying and fractions of amounts. We have been writing a recount in English, reflecting on our Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory experience day. Our reading lessons have been based on the book ‘I was there 1066: The Norman Conquest’, the book focuses on an Anglo Saxon boy and his experiences of the Norman invasion, we have created comic strips, Q&A sessions as characters from the story and comparing characters from different texts. Last Friday, we enjoyed an agility experience day where year 4 challenged themselves both mentally and physically in a wide range of activities throughout the day. In Jigsaw, we have been exploring friendship groups and what responsibilities we have as friends. The year 4 team, wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you enjoy the break, we look forward to welcoming you all back and beginning our topic – Africa!



Year 4's return to school has been better than we could've ever hoped and it is great to see their smiling faces! 

The children have enjoyed re-telling a chapter through role play of our year group text 'How to Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell, by using their inference skills to create backgrounds and puppets based around descriptions in the text. In maths, we are exploring fractions and recapping work based around the four operations. Please continue to support your children at home with their multiplication. Our experience days have gone off with a bang! The children thoroughly enjoyed working together in small groups to research, design, make and test a bridge. Our second experience day was around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own flavoured chocolate and creating their own packaging to help transport their wonderful creations home.



This week in Year 4, we have started exploring poetry in our English lessons. The focus of our poems will be about a plastic bottle's journey to the sea. So far, we have sequenced the main events from the bottle's journey and we have written some amazing sentences that include adjectives and adverbs. In maths, we have dived into multiplication, we have been exploring multiplying by 6, 7 and 9. Please continue to support your children with multiplication at home. In our broader curriculum sessions, we are also continuing our work around Extreme Environments, this week exploring another extreme environment, the rainforest identifying the different layers!  



Year 4 have started Term 2 off with a bang! We have started a new piece of writing which focuses on a setting description based on mountain scenery. So far, we have wrote some amazing sentences that include prepositions and adverbs, moving on to using similes and metaphors next week. In maths, we have come to an end with our addition and subtraction unit. Our next unit will focus on multiplication. Please continue to support your children with multiplication at home.

In our broader curriculum sessions, we have spent some time focusing on our new rainbow rules and the children have been working extra hard to try and get onto the rainbow!  We are also continuing with our Topic of Extreme Environments, starting off with looking at a new explorer!



Year 4 have been working extremely hard for the past few weeks. We have started writing an explanatory text based on the book ‘What a Waste’ and all the children are engaged and offering fantastic ideas. In maths, we have continued mastering our place value, this time having a focus on comparing and ordering 4 - digit numbers. 

In our topic learning, the children have began locating the hottest and coldest places on earth, and even created a factual poster based upon a British explorer that they researched, Robert Falcon Scott. 



This week in Year 4, we have been working really hard to write a setting description about the new changes that have happened around school. In maths, we have been busy mastering our place value up to 4-digit numbers as well as consolidating our multiplication. Please continue to support your children at home with their multiplication. Our Science learning this term is focusing on light where the children have started to investigate what light is and the different types of light there are. Topic this term is based around extreme environments where the children will begin their learning by starting to locate and compare the different extreme environments around our world.